About Us

We're a nonprofit café with a mission to help women in recovery.

Our core mission extends beyond serving great food – We are driven by a profound commitment to holistic and sustainable recovery. By offering meaningful employment opportunities for women in our program, every plate served and cup of coffee poured represents a meaningful step in supporting their recovery journey.

Social Enterprises

Food and Service –
With a Purpose

Our Social Enterprises are key to making this recovery model practical. Pollen8’s primary Social Enterprises – Café Appalachia, Café Downtown, Café Catering, and Cultiv8 – help women by raising socio-economic status and providing a sense of belonging.

From a restaurant and catering business, to agricultural skills—women who go through our program will learn to embrace their purpose, break the monotony of life, improve their financial position, and have the means, knowledge, resources and relationships to not return to where they came from.

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What are Social Enterprises?

A social enterprise is a business that aims to do good for society or the environment while still making money. They use a portion of their profits to support their social goals, striving to balance profit with a positive impact on the world.

Future driven

We help our participants see their value with a future and a purpose – helping them see the end goal.

Holistically minded

A holistic approach to care means providing purpose from start to finish. Social Enterprises are a way our participants can do this.


As we emphasize sustainable techniques in how we steward our environment — we prioritize our participants as needed and useful.

Inspire. Empower.

Our Cultiv8 enterprise not only provides farm-to-table support for our Cafés and catering services—it also reflects our sustainability philosophy with the women who go through our program. We help them to achieve a sense of value, self worth, and the financial stability to keep them from returning to the place where their addiction began.

Our Organization

Breaking the cycle of addiction. 

Pollen8 breaks the cycle of addiction by providing prevention, treatment, and reintegration programs for women and children. We envision an Appalachia where women are no longer bound by addiction and children never know addiction.  We believe in the values of purpose, health, and community and honor those ideals in our programs and services.

Pollen8 hopes to inspire West Virginians to change the narrative around Substance Use Disorder.  We provide an innovative approach to recovery and hope to become leaders in the opportunity of long-term sobriety.  Our goal is the reintegration of women in recovery back into society.  We do so through economic development, agriculture, education, employment training, and basic life skills.