Greek yogurt and fresh fruit, mix in house made honey cinnamon croutons and crunchy granola. $6.00

breakfast bowl

A bed of quinoa, topped with house smoked pulled pork, an over easy egg, roasted poblanos, fresh cilantro and our house Loco Moco gravy. $9.99

breakfast burrito

A warm tortilla stuffed with seasonal garden frittata and cheddar cheese. Topped with sour cream, fresh pico de gallo, and cilantro. $9.49

bagels  $4.50

  • Cream Cheese
  • Scallion Cream Cheese
  • Plain

bagel w/ trout spread

Toasted bagel, topped with a house made smoked trout spread, chopped red onion, and capers. Your choice of bagel. $5.50

peanut butter banana bagel

Toasted bagel with a spread of peanut butter and sliced banana. Your choice of bagel. $5.50

bacon, egg & cheese bagel

The classic bacon egg & cheese bagel. Your choice of bagel. $6.49

baked goods

assorted breads      $6.00
assorted cookies   
pepperoni rolls       


the local

WV farm raised all-beef smash burger wrapped in naan. Topped lettuce, tomato and onion. Add cheese $0.99. $10.99

pulled pork sliders

House smoked pulled pork, served on Charleston Bread Co. slider buns. Topped with house made sweet & sour slaw. $10.50

oh my cluckin goodness

Basil pesto chicken, wrapped in naan. Topped with lettuce, onion and house made roasted red pepper mayo. $10.50

flat iron steak

Seared flat iron cooked to medium rare, sliced thin and served cold. Wrapped in naan, topped with baby arugula, fresh tomatoes, shaved parmesan and a house made parmesan horseradish aioli. $12.50

quinoa burger sliders

Hand-pattied quinoa burger, packed full of shredded zucchini, fresh dill, and parmesan, served on Charleston Bread Co. slider buns. Topped with arugula, tomato, sliced cucumber, and a house made lemon parmesan aioli. $10.99


A classic blt wrapped in naan, topped with house made roasted red pepper mayo. $9.99

protein pack  $4.50


sausage                      $6.00
applewood bacon   
eggs a la carte         
toasted brioche       
fried potatoes           


sweet/unsweet tea           $6.00
Recovery Roast coffee   
boxed water                     


steak and arugula

Seared flat iron cooked to medium rare, sliced thin. Served cold over a bed of fresh arugula, and summer tomatoes. Topped with shaved parmesan, tossed in extra virgin olive oil. $13.00

quinoa salad

A bed of fresh spinach, topped with quinoa, chickpeas, sliced cucumber, shaved carrots, bell peppers and cabbage. Served with a house made lemon vinaigrette. $10.99

garden salad

Fresh spring mix, shredded carrots, and sliced cucumber. Your choice of dressing. $5.99 full/3.99 half

upgraded salad

A bed of fresh lettuce topped with shredded carrots, sliced cucumber, cheddar cheese, hard boiled egg, bacon bits and chicken. Your choice of dressing. $9.59

lunch sides

stewed green beans w/ bacon   $3.29
sweet & sour slaw   $2.99
Snyder Chips   $3.29


Local. Fresh.Every Day.

Café Appalachia Catering is a social enterprise created by Pollen8 to train women in the ReIntegr8 program in the culinary arts and event planning. It offers healthy, nutritious food options for various events, such as corporate meetings, receptions, graduations, birthdays, holidays, baby showers, or casual gatherings. The food is fresh, delicious, and locally grown and sourced. The Catering Manager customizes the menu according to the clients’ preferences and needs for every occasion. The clients can enjoy their events while supporting their local community.

Food with a purpose

Our core mission extends beyond serving great food – We are driven by a profound commitment to holistic and sustainable recovery from Substance Use Disorder. Learn more about our efforts to revitalize our community.

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