A proven treatment model.
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We have built our proprietary “Reintegr8” model to change the direction of addiction, with scaling in mind. From the epicenter of the opioid epidemic—we want to lead the nation to a sustainable and purpose-driven recovery.


Our world has a need.
We have a solution.

The Reintegr8 model was developed to break the cycle of addiction in Appalachia. We have created the model and the infrastructure to change the course of this devastating substance abuse epidemic. Our goal in creating this model is not to just “help women in recovery”— this model is designed to be scalable and help thousands of women, families, and communities across the country.


over five years

$530 billion over five years

in financial losses across the United States due to addiction.

Perspective: It would take one person spending $10 every second — nearly 1700 years to spend $530 Billion. (Let that sink in.) Our social reintegration model (Reintegr8) will change the future.

for underlying causes for addiction through individualized attention and person-centric healing.

help women raise their socio-economic status, gain experience, and create sense of belonging.

provide supportive employment opportunities for women who have completed the program.

provides safe/sober housing, removing the threat of going back to where they used drugs before.

We can't do this alone.
Will you join us?

The work we are doing is important, and time is of the essence. If you are interested in learning more about opportunities to receive instructional speaking, consulting, or licensing for our proprietary model, reach out today.

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