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Sustainable, Proven Models for Recovery

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Intensive TreatmentReimagined.

Appalachian Behavioral HealthCare (ABHC) is a licensed behavioral health facility that offers 24-hour, supervised residential treatment for women with Substance Use Disorder.

ABHC honors the unique journey of women seeking life-long sobriety through person-centered treatment.  We provide access to all paths to recovery including abstinence-based and medication-assisted treatment.


Our Social Enterprises are key to making our proprietary model practical. Pollen8’s primary Social Enterprises help women by raising socio-economic status and providing a sense of belonging. From a restaurant and catering business, to agricultural skills—women will learn to embrace their purpose, break the monotony of life, improve their financial position, and have the means, knowledge, resources and relationships to not return to where they came from.

ReIntegr8 participants are trained at Café Appalachia and Café Appalachia Catering, where they learn how to grow food, prepare wholesome, nutritious meals and gain valuable skills and employment experiences. This food is prepared through Cultiv8, where women are taught of value, self worth, and the financial stability to keep them from returning to the place where their addiction began. 

South Charleston

A coffee house and popular breakfast and lunch destination in South Charleston, WV. The Café hosts private events such as wedding receptions, baby showers, parties, board retreats, and more.

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Downtown Charleston

Our newest offering for farm-to-table meals in the heart of downtown Charleston, WV – complete with outdoor patio dining, to-go menu options, online ordering, and plenty of smiles to share.

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Training recovering women in the culinary arts and event planning. Café Catering offers healthy, nutritious food options for various events. The food is fresh, delicious, and locally grown and sourced.

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Providing farm-to-table support for our Cafés and catering services — while reflecting our sustainability philosophy by helping women in recovery to achieve a sense of value, self worth, and financial stability.

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